Helping Entrepreneurs Win!

 In the words of our clients:

"You have helped us to bring corrections to our control system and change the organization at the highest level of our administration ",

Pierre B., Mega-Bar, Quebec

"The groundwork has been laid for a revised job classification system that will enable us to operate the business as separate profit centres geared to profit maximization."
W.H. E., Sporting Vehicles, Ontario

"Based on what I am seeing in recent days, there is a real shift in attitudes, especially in our sales department.... I am confident that these improvements will help us achieve our goals."
Roy N., Pet Supplies, Iowa 
Then (1998) $3 million in sales, today over $20 million.

"The diplomatic approach and the use of efficient methods permitted (your) team to rapidly grasp the extent of the weaknesses and establish corrective measures by installing appropriate systems and procedures."   
Alain R., Food Distributors, Quebec 

"The transformation since you have been involved with our company is remarkable... we have regained our company focus and clearly stated to all our staff the direction and path this company is committed to."
Richard M., Courrier & Trucking Firm, Ontario.

"Your staff developed a total of 14 standard procedures and made 10 recommendations to improve our business in several areas..." Rick H., Audio Visual Services, Newfoundland

Your expertise and enthusiasm have been an impressive combination. The skills that you have taught me have been the foundation for much of what I do on a daily basis. I am so grateful for your thoughtful, practical, and energetic support through the tougher times..."
Martha P., Child Educational Products, Ontario

"Your staff has done an excellent job in the short time he has been in my office...",
Mark E., Construction Company, Texas

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