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At Azimov Consulting, we treat each business as special and unique. We start without preconceived opinions in order to serve our clients according to their particular situation and needs, and to help them prosper and grow. Here are some of our services:


Annual check-up

How healthy is your company? We perform an annual checkup to diagnose your primary strengths and weaknesses. Using historical data, we will identify key benchmarks to measure your success and produce a report that can become the basis for an action plan.

Business planning

Every great venture starts with a dream. We show you how to transform your business dream into reality by identifying your vision and mission, and then strategically preparing a workable business plan.

Risk Management

For a small business, change can mean risk. Entrepreneurs must anticipate what can go wrong so they do not get caught off guard no matter what happens.  This takes foresight and planning.

Entrepreneurial coaching

Nobody knows your business better than you, but you may not be seeing the forest for the trees. We help you face tough issues and make sound decisions without procrastination. 

Management reporting

The better and more timely your information, the better your decisions will be. We will design management reports that will keep you constantly informed about your key business indicators. We will train you to use this knowledge profitably.


Great businesses have great structure. Who reports to who? What are your lines of communication? Who takes responsibility to get things done? We help you clarify these questions and tighten up your organization for greater success.

Optimal staffing

Human resources are your greatest asset, but managing them can be your greatest challenge. Are you appropriately staffed? Do you have employee guidelines in place?  Are you considering hiring or firing? We can help you address these key issues effectively.

Team building

Every business can increase productivity through team building.  A disciplined, cohesive, motivated team will propel you towards a successful future. We provide guidelines and insights to create such a team.

Market research and development

Knowing your quickly evolving marketplace is key to your success. We will study it on your behalf and develop strategies to better attract, keep and satisfy desired customers.

Sales generation

We can design and implement powerful telemarketing or direct sales campaigns. 


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