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Growth Management Consulting

“Sheldon Azimov is a wonderful business consultant!  When he works with us, we feel that he cares about our business as much as we do.” 
Izzy K., MS - Educator Tools & Training, New York

"I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with Sheldon Azimov.  He was a strong guiding force for my business during a time of upheaval and decision-making.  He always goes beyond what was required or asked. He challenged and inspired me to have faith in my ability to grow my business."                                        Eden H. - Baked Goods, Ontario

Sheldon Azimov, B.A. Econ., President

Travelling across North America, Sheldon uses the skills  obtained through 20 years as an entrepreneur to help small and medium-sized businesses achieve their potential. His mission is to show entrepreneurs how to achieve profitability and growth in virtually any economic situation through refining their operations, cutting waste, motivating their staff, and marketing smart.

Going it alone through trial and error does not cut it in today's economy.  Entrepreneurs are under all sorts of pressure. They need expertise and precision to compete.

heldon's appreciation for the resourcefulness, courage and dedication of entrepreneurs motivates him to guide them through thick and thin. 

Azimov Consulting has a fee structure that makes its services affordable to any business. We typically deliver between 2 to 1 and 10 to 1 returns on investment.

"You identified the source of our productivity problems as the attitudes and communication among our personnel, and held many meetings to train and motivate our employees. Thank you for this help."
Roy N., Pet Supplies, IA



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